Quiz championship


The rules and regulations are as follows :

  1. The rules and regulations pertaining to each round will be made available before the beginning of the same. This applies to both the Preliminary and Final Stages.
  2. There will be a total of 20 questions in the preliminary rounds in the written format.
  3. The duration of the Preliminary round will be approximately 30 minutes
  4. Each question carries 1 mark for a correct answer. In case of questions seeking two answers, each answer carries 1 mark
  5. No Negative marking during the preliminary rounds.
  6. Questions 10-15 are marked * (Star-marked questions).
  7. The star-marked questions will be the basis to resolve a tied score in the preliminary round.
  8. No kind of electronic equipment (mobiles etc..) shall be used during the course of the Preliminary round. If found using, the team will be disqualified.
  9. Any discussion must be done as softly as possible and only within the teammates.
  10. The Answers will be evaluated according to a pre-determined set of answers.
  11. The marks are rewarded based on criteria which include accuracy, relevance etc...
  12. In case of minor discrepancies like spelling or grammatical errors, appropriate concessions will be provided.
  13. Finally, quizmaster's decision in any matter is final and binding.